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The Bro

1995 Chevrolet G20 3/4 Ton Conversion Van
RWD with Vortec 5.7

This fabled van has served many people with many different purposes. It’s most recent title as the chariot of HG Skis.

With over two-hundred-thousand miles, she’s seen a thing or too. Sure, there have been some rough times but the boys have never been let down. Engine and tranny pull like a dream. If you have been searching for a ride that tells a story, search no further. The Bro is ready for the next chapter.

New Studded Snow Tires (with less than 3,000 miles on them).
Still driven daily.
The Bro comes with a handful of issues you might expect with a 20+ year old van but still still drives well. It will be sold as-is.
There is no title on the van, but one is not needed in the state of VT given the age.

$900 or best reasonable offer. Trades will not be accepted.
Contact HG for your test drive today.

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