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HG Skis Does iF3

September 25, 2014

It’s premiere season baby! We were lucky enough to have our film selected to be shown at the International Freeski Film Festival in Montreal. Attending this was a first for many of us, and we made the most of it. We hope you enjoy this recap as much as we enjoyed the weekend. If you haven’t already, check out the trailer for 5 to 9.

HG Whip

Harry loading us up in the HG suburban as we prepare to cross the border.

The Blue

After a quick stop at the duty free, we were well prepared for the weekend.


We found our way around to some local skate spots during the day while waiting for the IF3 awards to start later that evening. Here we see Donnie York bonelessing over a hobo at peace park, where skateboarding is legal, due to the fact that there are no laws in Canada. Connor and Donnie spent more time hanging out with the bums than watching the movies.


Donnie York’s selfie game was unprecedented at the IF3 awards, our spirits were high despite not being nominated for best smoking.

Derg does Dallas

We were all stoked on Gaeta winning female jib of the year!


Then in the blink of an eye it was Friday morning, and time to do it all over again. Jim woke up with a mysteriously severe leg injury no one could account for.


Mr. York starting the morning off with a cup of Bleu coffee.


Finally the films started and the parties got going. Smokey, Donnie, and Lucas celebrating at the rocker party. LSM stepped up the game with his ending part in Level 1’s film which was our favorite segment of the day.


Liam, Chuck, and Connor keeping it mellow at the Rocker party. Right before Liam was kicked out for throwing one too many beers into the mosh pit.


Wax wizards Rudeboi and Frank left the party spotless.


Morning hit harder than ever on day 3 as we woke up to go to our film, which was played at 11:30am. Big ups to everyone who made it out of bed for 5 to 9! If you missed it, it will be online in early October.


After a quick nap it was back to the Bleu


Sam, Cole, Charlie, Connor, and Harry takin it easy in the hotel.

10646780_10152765486949189_3445592917336351449_n (1)

Finishing off the weekend at the Retro party.

As sunday morning hit, the crew was hungover, smoked out, and ready to head back to the states. With heavy heads and light wallets, we migrated back down south to Burlington to recuperate before the HG/level1 premiere set for Oct 2. Until next year Montreal.