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All good things must come to an end.

Yes it’s true – we’re done. Thank you to all the folks out there who bought skis and enjoyed our films.


HG Skis
70 S. Winooski Ave #194
Burlington, VT 05401

Send us a self addressed and stamped envelope and then we'll send you stickers back!


General Information about HG Skis:

  • Based in Burlington, Vermont – handmade in Quebec
  • Earliest prototyping began in 2006, HG Skis officially established in VT as a brand in 2010.
  • Founded by two UVM Engineering ‘11 Grads (students at time of establishment)


HG Skis is a freestyle ski company based in Burlington, VT. While we’ve been building and designing skis since 2006, the company was officially established in 2010.

Skiing has taken to the street exposing equipment to concrete, stone, steel and other very hard surfaces. The team at HG Skis has first hand experience in this area. We’ve tested and destroyed more skis than you can imagine. We’ve learned a lot over the last few years, and we’ve packed all of it into our skis and other products.

After many years of skiing, learning, and fun – HG Skis has decided to close its doors. Thanks to everyone who supported us over the years!


-Harrison G, founder of HG Skis


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