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The installment plan is an option we offer every spring, to help our customers by making easy payments over the summer. The installment plan will not be available again until spring 2018…


Put $275 down today, pay the rest later. No interest, no credit check, just the best skis on the market, paid in doses when it makes sense.

Please read all details below before paying. By making your first payment, you agree to all of the terms below.

How it Works

HG Skis is offering the installment plan for the month until June 2 only!

You’ll pay $275 today to lock in your skis for next season. After that you’ll be required to make 3 payments of $174.67, one per month until the ski is entirely paid for. By that time, winter will be close and your ski will be almost ready ship. Each payment made is non-refundable. The payment schedule is shown in the table below.

Deposit – May 1 through June 2 – $275

1st Payment Due – July 15 – $174.67

2nd Payment Due – August 15 – $174.67

3rd Payment Due – September 15 – $174.67

Total of Payments: $799

HG Skis uses PayPal (which allows use of credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal) to collect payments. Ten days before each payment is due, you will receive an “invoice” email from HG Skis via PayPal. You will follow a link in this email to make the payment.

What happens if I miss a payment?

By making payments on time you reserve your very own pair of HG Skis. We produce a limited quantity of skis and have sold out every winter for the last few years. If you miss a payment, and your model is already sold out, your pair could be sold. In the event that your ski is sold to another paying customer, you will be refunded 50% of the payments you have made. Your skis will not be shipped to you until all payments are complete or the shipment date specified on the skis’s product page, which ever comes last.

What if I apply a coupon code?

Your coupon code will be applied to your final payment. For example, if you apply a $50 off coupon, you will see the deduction in the last payment invoice. Your last payment in this case would be $174.67 – $50 = $124.67

What happens if I don’t receive an email for my payment 10 days before a payment is due?

Contact HG Skis immediately at We will get you all straightened out.

For any questions related to the installment plan email us at