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New Full Camber Park Ski

Keegan Kilbride – Signature Series

We teamed up with Keegan and Tall T Productions to bring you the Keegan Kilbride Signature Series. This is our flagship model the "Stinger" with a limited quantity top sheet designed by Keegan himself.

Introducing for the first time:

A super durable Maple Wood core - and as always, the industries best warranty! Ground Shipping Included 2-Day Air Shipping available starting at $99

$799 - SOLD OUT!

Sold out forever



  • Balanced flex profile for maximum control.
  • More pop than a bottle of grand vintage on Birdman's birthday.
  • Our camber will get you higher.
  • People will line up to see your skis.
  • Hand painted graphic from skiers like you.
  • Side wall geometry that holds edge pressure, not snow buildup.
  • Your tips won't explode when you get to know the gucci plateau.
  • Party on Wayne.
  • Our bases are double the industry standard thinkness, twice as thick and twice as strong.
  • Twice the industry standard thinkness, so you can slam em' hard.
  • Our edges end below the contact point of the ski. This reduces pressure in the tips, preventing edge blowouts.
  • It's fun to ski backwards.
  • Fully symmetric ski - feels like freedom.